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About Us


GuardIT Solutions is the world’s first truly environmentally responsible range of protective coating and cleaning solutions, proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Minimising risk to the environment and to human safety is integral to our organisation’s product development and corporate strategy. You can be confident that GuardIT Solutions products meet the most stringent Australian and international standards and regulations with regard to Environmental Compliance and Occupational Health & Safety Management.

Our independently tested, certified environmentally-responsible products are changing the face of the Australian construction & facilities management industries by making environmental and human safety a top priority. We have an international presence in New Zealand, China and several ASEAN nations, and look forward to contributing to the modernising of the construction industry throughout Asia, South America and Europe. 

In addition to providing industry-leading product performance, each GuardIT Solutions product delivers these essential requirements:

• Low or NO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
• Non-Toxic
• Non- Polluting
• Readily-Biodegradable
• Low water consumption (Spray &Wipe)
• Non-Flammable
• Non-Corrosive
• Non-Hazardous
• Non-Flammable aerosol (no hydrocarbons)

Harnessing the very latest technology, our water-based protective coatings, specialised cleaning products and anti-graffiti solutions are being specified and used by Australia’s leading construction companies, government authorities, local councils, architects and engineers. Our sophisticated products meet the needs of the most demanding commercial and civil clients, whilst being simple and safe for retail and consumer application.

GuardIT Solutions assists clients from all sectors in maintaining the integrity of their built environments. Our protective coating systems address graffiti vandalism, as well as environmental pollutants such as dirt, oil, grime, excessive water and rain, salt attack and carbon attack.

With a strong foundation of innovation-seeking Research & Development, we are consistently engaged in setting new benchmarks in the industry, deploying cutting-edge technology and striving for continuous improvement in products and processes. GuardIT products are extremely versatile and can be used in many different formats to solve any issues the customer may have.

GuardIT Solutions is more than just a manufacturer. Our product development and support team provide comprehensive customer solutions with a focus on relationship-building, guaranteed results and continuous review of our products’ performance. Our staff can assist clients in every step of the process, from correct application techniques to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free operational flow.

Contact GuardIT Solutions today to find out how our protective coatings, anti-graffiti systems and industry-first cleaning products can help you set a new standard in environmental responsibility and OH&S compliance, without sacrificing performance.


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