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Porous All Stone Sealer

GuardIT® Porous All-Stone Sealer is an environmentally responsible, penetrating, water based, high performance protective sealer. Porous All-Stone provides an invisible coating designed to protect porous surfaces from oil, mould, water stains and salt attack. Ideally used for the protection of concrete, sandstone, terracotta, brick pavers, masonry and all other porous substrates.

Reasons to choose Porous All-Stone Sealer

- Deeply penetrates porous substrates

- Natural & invisible in appearance

- Protects against water & oil stains

- Non-hazardous,  non-toxic

- Water based, no odour, no VOC

- Does not alter slip code rating

- Easy, simple application

- Long lasting protection

Natural & Invisible

GuardIt Porous All-Stone Sealer® is the most effective waterbased product available today because of the unique benefits offered in regard to penetration, durability and does not change the substrates appearance. It is invisible upon application and maintains the natural look, feel and texture of the stone. It provides years of supreme protection! GuardIt Porous All-Stone Sealer®

provides unsurpassed protection against water-based and oil staining, setting the industry standard in stone protection.



Porous Surface Protection

Latest cutting edge water based technology specifically developed to protect all porous stone surfaces. It provides superior water and oil stain protection for grout, concrete, brick, sandstone, limestone, stucco, slate and other porous masonry surfaces. GuardIt Porous All-Stone Sealer® is

breakthrough in water based technology setting the standard in porous stone protection. Suitable for both internal & external use.