Superior Protection

GuardIT® Invisi Shield is a proactive solution designed to ensure the integrity and longevity of infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly repairs or premature replacement of damaged infrastructure, thus enabling the cost savings to be redirected into future economic growth and sustainability.

GuardIT® Invisi Shield penetrates deeply into new or existing concrete and masonry surfaces to form extremely durable water and oil-repelling coating. The resulting hydrophobic barrier prevents the intrusion of water and water-borne salts, carbon and sulphuric acids, thereby greatly reducing the damaging effects of moisture penetration into masonry and concrete, such as corrosion of reinforcing steel, salt leaching and freeze-thaw cracking.

It protects concrete infrastructure by preventing water penetration within the concrete substrates and attacking the reinforcement steel, which causes concrete cancer leading to substantial damage and possible collapse of the structure.

Invisible Coating

GuardIT Invisi Shield® allows the substrate to breathe whilst allowing new concrete to cure. The invisible barrier formed below the surface is permeable to water vapour. It is an advanced, high performance, eco-friendly, water-based, coating specially formulated to protect porous surfaces from permanent damage caused by the ingress of water & moisture. It protects against staining, resists acids, alkalis, the effects of acid rain and carbon crusting.