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Soy Safe Sensitive Graffiti Remover

GuardIT® Soy Safe Sensitive Graffiti Remover is an environmentally responsible, soy based graffiti remover. Soy Safe Sensitive Graffiti Remover is safe to use, contains no toxic chemicals and is highly effective in removing graffiti from sensitive surfaces. Ideally used for the removal of graffiti on perspex, signage, metals, colour bond, painted and all other sensitive surfaces.

Reasons to choose Soy Safe Sensitive Graffiti Remover

- Removes inks & permanent markers

- Removes enamel & spray paint

- Non-hazardous, non-irritant

- Non-toxic, non-flammable

- User friendly & safe

- Readily biodegradable

- Low odour & VOC compliant

- Made from natural resources

Completely Safe Graffiti Removal

This revolutionary formulation using the latest patent pending soy solvent technology replaces the use of traditional toxic chemicals and contains no hazardous air pollutants, no ozonedepleting

chemicals, no known carcinogens, reproductive toxins or other human health hazards.



Tough on Graffiti

GuardIt Soy Safe Sensitive Graffiti Remover® is a powerful, safe, effective solution specifically developed for the safe removal of graffiti from Non-Porous surfaces, Painted and Unpainted

surfaces, plastics, Perspex, reflective signs, timber, metal, colorbond and other non-porous substrates. It is ready to use, non-toxic, VOC compliant and readily

biodegradable. A safe method of removing graffiti with many benefits.