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“I have been using GuardIt products for some time now & highly recommend them to anyone in the graffiti or cleaning industry. They are very easy to use & apply and more importantly are environmentally friendly.

The Graffiti Shield is by far the best anti-graffiti coating I have ever come across as it penetrates the surface leaving it looking natural, with no discolouration to the substrate. I have no hesitation recommending GuardIt Solutions as their Products are superior & their Staff’s knowledge, professionalism and support cannot be faulted.”

Craig Biffin
Owner Operator
Hydrocoat South Coast

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“Just a quick note to thank you for the great service and great product you supplied to us for a recent job at Bathurst NSW. We cleaned down the bridge (3000m2 of concrete) and applied GuardIt to all the surfaces. We were quite taken on just how easy the product was to apply and how quickly we got the job done.

The time frame was very important to us as we were working on a live railway track and needed to have a Track Protection Officer there at $1000.00 per day. I also appreciate all of the support and information you supplied me to help me get the contract in the first place.

About a week after we finished the job the local vandals tagged the bridge again, We were very surprised just how easy it was to remove the graffiti with this product on. Thanks Again and we hope to do a lot more with your products.”

Jeff Wilson
McNaught Group P/L

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“We have been using and applying Guardit Graffiti Shield for quite a while now and have found it to be an excellent product. It is simple to apply with a roller, brush or airless spray and makes Graffiti removal very easy. The spread rate is very good and Guardit penetrates and leaves the concrete, blocks, bricks etc looking completely natural.

We have applied many thousands of square meters of the product onto buildings, walls, sound barriers, sandstone, block and brick work with no problem or fuss and making our protection and removal job so much easier along with many happy clients. I have no hesitation in recommending GuardIt to anyone for Graffiti protection, ease of removal, ease of application and environmentally friendly with no solvents and no discolouration of the substrate.”

Grey McNeil
Hydrocoat Sydney

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“Stywill Texture Coating Pty Ltd was engaged by Tradewest Pty Ltd to apply GuardIt Graffiti Shield to precast concrete noise wall barrier on the Monash Highway at Mulgrave.

GuardIt Graffiti Shield was approved for the job after a successful demonstration. The job consisted of 4000m2 of coloured, precast concrete. The application of the material was easy using an industrial weed sprayer and being water based is a big advantage regarding OH&S issues.

Another advantage is that after the material has been applied there is no ‘gloss line’ meaning it is invisible to the eye. During the job an area of wall was hit with graffiti. The graffiti was removed with ease using the GuardIt Graffiti remover and a pressure washer.

I have no hesitation in recommending GuardIt Graffiti Shield because it works!”

Blair. W. Hamilton
Stywill Texture Coating Pty Ltd